Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday February 28, 2006 - 6:30AM

So i can't sleep... no big deal, but check it, right... so i'm in this outdoor hot tub at this hotel in Nth. Adams Massachussetts, and there's a blizzard going on and amongst the 7 or so folks on the hot tob are these three gay dudes from brooklyn, who are basically all the "Jack" character from Will&Grace. their names are stephan, tyler and fred (did you all know anyone still named fred?) and they couldn't tell us why they were in Nth Adams for the weekend, but they're the most hilarious thing since well... Will&Grace.

i had a performance of my one man concert MASQUERADE at MASS Moca, a really fly contemporary art museum designed out of a series of old factory buildings. i even had drinks at a bar called Mohawk (i'm not even kidding). by the way, check out my new publicity-option photos at www.peterdressel.com/clients/roger. i'll be using some of these for my book cover series of photos (feel free to weigh in on which you like).

meanwhile back in nyc, there is too much work to do and too many rehearsals to attend but i can't really whine about any of this because it's all good and we can afford to replace one of our laptops this week, so hooray for me! i've been reading The Ethical Slut, which i think folks should read whether or not they're interested in a polyamorous lifestyle. i think that even for folks committed to monogamy, there are some interesting discussions about the "shame" of sex and sexuality and the myths of modern romance, that would help most of us to think about critically. i'm not saying... i'm just saying...

for real, go get it. it's in any barnes and noble or borders or whateverrrrrrrrr



Blogger Lhea J. Love said...

The Ethical Slut... wow. Your reading suggestions are always pretty good, so I might check that out.

It's crazy because you came to UM in December and read Bullet Points... You know, I thought it was great. And so I decided to check up on your mommy's suggested readings. Well... I had a hard time finding most of the folks on that list... BUT... the crazy thing is Linton Kwesi Johnson just came to UM today. He's that deal! I'm glad you introduced me to his work.


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