Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday january 10, 2006 - 9:53AM

yeah yeah yeah. i haven't had anything to say since last year, but there's been way too much to think about. peter's death stumped all of us. we're still finding out in every moment all those things that peter gave us. this past sunday we did a memorial celebration for him and i'm glad that some of us who showed up were folks who didn't know him at all or that well, because so much that the louderARTS project is in spirit is born of peter's making us toss pine cones into the ocean and giving away his valuables to folks who are barely acquaintances, to his dancing in the middle of the street/bar/club/van/taxi/central park - music notwithstanding.

so we remembered him and ate and drank etc and it was a good time. last night we had our first show of the year, which was the slam to determine who would represent us at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Charlotte. Rives won. I came in second (lost on time penalties - cuz that's just how i roll! what muthafuckas!! what!), but by far the excitement of the evening was the drunk people who came in later on and wouldn't be quiet and then tried to curse us out for asking them to be quiet while folks read poems. dude - all 5 foot 6 ins and 140 lbs of him chooses to grab my hand when i tell him to keep it down. when i tell him not to touch me, he gets his coat comes back and (only a white male in america thinks he can get away with this...) grabs my arm and says "don't ever fucking touch me again!". so of course i slap him as hard as i possibly can across his face and all hell breaks loose - well not all hell, really just a few demons and harpies - but of course the poetry stops, he's falling backward (who gets knocked out with a slap?) and his boys for a moment THINK they're going to stand up and talk shit. i'm of course hoping to get to hit somebody else at this point, so i ask his friend (who is trying to puff up his chest) if he would like to also be knocked out (he did not). so his drunk girlfriend is screaming. they're shouting about pressing charges. bar 13's bouncer, Fish and others usher them out the door and so begins the louderARTS project 2006. it should move along splendidly from here. congratulations to rives on the win. i have a bunch of opinions on folks and "whiteness" that i've gleaned over the holidays; not white people mind you, but "whiteness", so i promise there'll be more posts more often in the next few weeks...

i'm reading mark doty's 'sweet machine" again. it's so so good, so utterly brilliant it bears looking at again and again...


Anonymous Adri said...

Mark Doty is great. He wrote this brilliant essay on living in Houston that I hold dear.

You should enable RSS feed on your journal settings, so that people on Livejournal can read your journal on their friend's page through syndication. Er... people on LJ were wishing you had an LJ, but this is easier.

Anyway, I'll be in NC, will you?

Nice to find you on the web.

Adri(ana) Ramirez

8:58 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

next time close your fist so we can make the paper

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, close the fist... but not for the reason mentioned above

or, even better, use the verbal aikido. (But does it work on drunks?)

Also, do what Adri did (whatever it is), so I can read your stuff, too.

All the best and also, sorry you went overtime. Hope to see you soon and come to Corpus one day, please. Maybe will be able to compare our notes about whiteness, or about rudeness of sime drunk folks.


2:30 PM  
Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

Im with everyone else...close the fist. slaps are kewl but a punch is so much better.

ya gotta let em' know...dont be fooled by the soft words, poets can
get gangsta!!

See you in NC

2:19 AM  
Blogger Matthew Charles Siegel said...

Dude, from time penalties to smackin' drunk ass fools, you are the embodiment of all things louder...

Although, I've seen all kinds of drunk ass people act a fool and have the audacity to think that they can pull some shit. That's drunk ass stupidity, which is a completely different thing from the privileged, entitled sensibility that would lead one to make the same mistake in a state of sobriety....unless race trumps intoxication. In summation, "why you gotta hate on da crackatude?"

Have you read "The Wages of Whiteness" or "Whiteness of a Different Color" yet? I have the latter, so if you haven't let me know and I'll let you borrow it. Congrats on the new J-O-B jibaro. You, responsible for molding young minds. And that's all for this installment of "Reasons why I will never have children". Happy new year bro....mcs

5:27 PM  

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