Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday January 11th, 2006 - 4:12AM
So it's insomnia time and Blind Date re-runs just ain't gettin' it done. Had a job interview today that went pretty well. i might just have messed around and got me a job - four days a week, three hours a day teaching curatorial studies through spoken word at Satellite Academy High School, a magnet school on the Lower East Side of NYC. I'll know on Thursday and i'm scared shitless because i haven't had to wake up and go to a specific job everyday since... 1999. i have to come up with curricula and a list of guest writers and go to staff meetings and shit if i get this job - STAFF MEETINGS!!!!

More pressing though is that i have to write three odes to different colors for Vision Into Art by Friday. i have to write an ode to the color blue, one to red and one to black and white (like we don't already know where that one's going). so i'm going to get jiggy with some Neruda to prepare myself and i'm going to a lot of anaphora to get that done i believe. only way i can think to get a decent poem done in the winter. it's my slow time and i can't write anything i should let anyone see when it's cold outside - by the way the world's most boring date is going on on blind date on tv right now; i'm going to get to sleep after all. this dude is 36 years old and looks and acts like he's 54. he's scaring me. this dude is younger than i am! fuhcrisssakes run around and yodel or something you two!! the 1800-dentist commercials are more exciting!

okay i'm back and i'm going to find something else to do till 5:30 or so... maybe i should bedazzle something!...


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Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

good luck with the job good sir.. does this mean there WONT you wont be rockin a mohawk in Charlotte?

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