Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday January 12, 2006 - 12:03PM

the hell with insomnia. got me the good drugs - slept for 10 hours!!

so i got the job. now i'm scared. i have to work every freakin day!! i have to get up, dress thoughtfully and go to someone's job and teach folks every day! to answer questions; no i'm not cutting my hair. i'm not taking jobs anymore that are going to tell me how i should groom (that's just me - i understand that not everyone has that option) and i will not be making it to North Carolina. and i'm a peace-loving, gentle human being, so i will not be pimp-slapping anyone anywhere. what is wrong with y'all?! we're trying to become better freakin' people here?! i'm trying to achieve freakin' buddhahood here people!

however, i am almost done with the first draft of a long-ass poem about that incident and the incident yesterday where an old white woman grabbed her purse and got up and changed seats on the train when i sat down next to her.

time to hit the gym now though. gots to get my calorie burn on to the sultry sounds of Snoop Dogg's 1994 Doggystyle - so laters

'...he is I and I am him / Slim with the tilted brim / what's my muthafuckin' name?!..."


Blogger Matthew Charles Siegel said...

Honestly though, if you wouldn't have put your hand on her thigh and told her "I bet you can't afford me",I doubt she would have grabbed her purse and walked away. Maybe she just wanted to proposition you a little more discreetly. You heathen you!!!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

snooooop dooooogaaaaay daaaawwwwwooooog!

Aight, slim. I hope you restin for Friday. It's about to get real muthafuckin' raw up in here. ya heard me?

I've been listening to Compton's Most Wanted. :) I think I'll talk like this all the time.

Break yo' self, foo!


8:40 PM  
Anonymous Bassey said...

oh, gosh I nearly forgot.


8:41 PM  
Anonymous Dja said...

Just caught up on the slapping.

A crash moment.

Too much I want to say about that.

Wondering if his (pick one) life flashed before his eyes. Would love to have seen this in person and/or on film.

Lyman would have much to say about this.

11:22 AM  

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