Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday December 5, 2005 - Ann Arbor MI - 8:36PM

It's so freakin' cold here, i want to fight somebody every time i step outside, so i'm not stepping outside till i absolutely have to. i'm at Jeff and Karen's (Kass) place now, so i've had home-cooked meals two nights in a row. From now on i might make it a rider on my performance contracts to stay at the homes of married folks with children for at least three nights out of any week. Apparently people with children indulge in a weird trope known as "a balanced meal". It's awesome!!

The first three nights, i hung out at a huge house in which lived ten college students - so you can understand the contrast. Still Molly and Elise and Caitlin and Catherine and Max and Betsy - and i forget the other names - were excellent hosts and the gig i did at the University of Michigan was good. i felt like i was on and the audience was digging it. i have three more gigs here before i leave on friday niht to come home. It's Monday and i'm not at Bar 13 so i'll be looking at the entire presentation of Monday Night Football and not drinking at any time during it, since i'm not leaving the house to atttend any of the local bars since outside only makes me wanna fight. Maomi Shihab Nye's "Words under the Words" is so awesome, it's changing my life as we speak, even though it's getting cold and winter depression is setting in which means i will write nothing of worth again till May or until such time as someone invites me to a warm climate for a gig.

One love - sorru i haven't journaled in so long. Jeff's kids are awesome (i've nicknamed 4 yr old samantha, Janis Joplin. Three month old Julius is too young for a nick-name and "Spitty" just isn't right even though i do have semi-digested breast milk running down my dark colored shirt... later, i'll probably have to complain about the cold again before i leave...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cold yes I can empathise with that Im in the Mountains,I love it though I have a big sheepskin coat on with a hood.a bit more Id be in Canada.I know a few folks you know nuyorican poets cafe cats + ''algarin''I knew Pinero,wed run the lower eastside together.bob Holman(smart cat) he always says the right thing a fun poet.Im

carolyn baxter a ''Trinnie''to my people from port of Spain.I enjoy your work,a Great deal Im a ''spokenrap'' artist also.In books with MUMIA/ASSATA/MalcomX/GeorgeJackson some of the most knownI mention.I happen to write Kwame Dawes,asking him if he knew of a good speaking agency,I just finished a memoir called Assata shakur an me.I write in a Donald Goines Raw street style as that what my Harlem Panther days carried me dont know if Ill seek a publisher.I really have to choose well,like 50 cents new imprint just started ''G-unit books.''thats an imprint that this work would be good For. I evolved to making my own beats, with my work.I do that for poets who wish to make CDs as well.Are you going to be working in Nyc soon? was that just a maybe on the ''winter''and not going to write anything of worth till the Weather warms up?I think i heard somewhere that a new book was comming out?your on a new imprint yes?.. If you want to get STEAMED UP! about some issues. what about ASSATA and the millon dollar bounty.better yet the K.K.K came to my town to rally.In this day and age and comming from NYC.I wasnt suprized.but Id really wished they gone to Harlem! well that should give you a bit to realy fight about along with the Weather yes? take care

3:14 AM  
Blogger Christina Marie said...

You were fantastic tonight! Definitely my favorite pre-Doty reader. I was so proud to have my friends who came to see Mark also see you, who I have admired for years.

Keep up the good work!

9:57 PM  

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