Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday February 9, 2006 - 4:45PM

There are any number of ways to begin this entry, like " two ferrets are shooting heroin in the forest" or i could say "...and then we all got H's tattooed on our chests" or i could say " when the gay Republican gentleman started telling Talaam and Life about where homo meets hip-hop" and still none of my last three weeks would make any sense to you, let alone the last week in oakland. suffice to say Nazelah and Daled have worked into their wedding voes the phrase "Lord, bless our pimp-hand and keep it strong!"... and it's probably my fault.

meanwhile i've started the teaching job at satellite academy. day to day teaching is hard. i actually have to correct homework tonight! HOMEWORK!! ladies and gentlemen! and i have to ask students to not sleep in my class, like they don't know the only person allowed to sleep through high school is me and i'm done with high school. it's already been done and therefore it's cliche! i also have to shift my lesson plans to try to get them a little more involved early on, because i have them right after lunch and of course all they want to do is sleep really.

hmmmm... none of this though explains why the thirty-something or maybe forty something year old woman dancing with the twenty-something year old young man in Clinton, SC two weeks ago, said "...Boy, git up off yer mother-in-law!" while she continues to freak him back. i kid you not this happened. the redneck bar fight that ensued afterwards was its own circus.

these days i'm reading Natalie Angier's "Woman - an intimate geography" (i'm hearing the snickers already and y'all need to stop). Natalie Angier is a science writer and feminist and it is a fascinating study of the woman's body in relationship to herself, her world and feminist and non-feminist thought. it is a study at once scientific and socio-cultural and what it allows us in terms of understanding the woman's body and the issues that beset it in the concert of public and private consumption, cannot be overstated. check it out. besides, i'm also reading brenda shaughnessy's "interior with sudden joy" again, and that keeps my weird-game pimp-hand strong.

my computer isn't working these days, so you can check in for more entries but i have no idea when next i'll have both access and time to do this, but there's mad stuff to talk about! i love y'all like i made you myself...



Blogger Amanda Johnston said...

sounds like your pimp hand IS blessed. keep the parting going, roger.


p.s. still waiting for my book. it's been four months since i ordered it.

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