Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday December 13, 2005

So i'm back from Michigan and i had a blast. if any of you go to patrick rosal's blog and he's beaten me to reporting on the events in michigan, well... he's a liar!

that's all i have to say abut all that stuff about red-neck rodeo and chanting in African!

i had a brilliant time in Michigan, the testicle-numbing cold notwithstanding. among the things i did, was to visit the african american museum in detroit, which is an experience to be had to be believed. the main exhibit leads the visitor through a replica of goree island (one of the ports from which slaves were shipped) onto a replica slave ship onto a replica landing on the shores of the U.S. It is complete with piped in sounds and wax figures simulating the experience. There is no explaining the panic and the "heaviness" of the experience,the sense of despair and connection one might feel to it. afterwards, i could only think about how i am a descendant of someone who went through this and the horror and history of it all, was blinding. alternately enraged and depressed, i'm still not sure what all i've taken away from the exhibit, but i'm continuing to process it.

Jeff Kass and Pamela Waxman and Molly Ray and Marcie Grambeau and Coert and Adam and all the other folks who made my stay so excellent there, are all gods! further, jeff's kids (Samantha 'Janis Joplin' Kass and Julius 'Jules Rimet' Kass) are adorable and hilarious.

Last night, we had our last show of the year (at Bar 13) featuring Mark Doty, Brenda Shaugnessey, Tina Chiang and others (i'm not remembering names). it was awesome to the hilt.

i'm rushing off now because i have a VisionintoArt performance tonight so i have to find stuff to wear and stretch and do some sit ups and get on the treadmill and i still have to teach before i get there and thanks to aeveryone who gave me mad love on the blog. by the way, Vivee Francis in Detroit is hilarious and an excellent host and i wont say anymore about all the great stories she told me becaue she said that she'll fight me if i do and i believe she will, and she might win too. Matheww Olzmann also gave mad love and if they ask you to Detroit, you should just go, if only for the fly-ass soul food on 8 Mile and the dope thrift store Detroit Threads in Hammtramck.

i'm out...


Blogger The Dung Beetle said...

8 Mile? Isn't that where Eminem grew up?

Thank you! I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress! Try the veal... it's delicious!

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how i miss Vivee and Matthew. How are they doing?

mad lovely

7:34 AM  

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