Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thursday Januray 19, 2006 - 1:14AM

today i awoke at 6:40AM, taught two classes at brandeis high school, travelled downtown to satellite high school, met with my co-teacher to go over lesson plans, had lunch, went back uptown to teach a one-on-one student, nodded on myself, went home to nap for an hour and then went out again to rehearse for vision into art stuff. but check it... conversation overheard at a bar called paris Blues on 121 and Lennox in Harlem

"yo what the number say today?"

"the legal number or the illegal number?"

"the illegal one fool?!"

"8-7-0, but don't throw yr paper away, that's just what i heard on the street..."

Hilarious and beautiful. what else you need. to besides i'm too wired to go to sleep right away. tomorrow i'll send y'all the new poem and relate the interesting debate i've had with Christa Bell from Seattle regarding boack men's rage. it's a good one. i still think i'm right but i think that philosophically and spiritually it is a discussion well worth having; even after you get past the argument where she thinks i shouldn't have hit that dude last monday and i think that it was the only thing left to do and that i was protecting myself...

god i'm hungry. i'm going to make a sandwich...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are officially on my shit list!
Don't ask me why, nigga. I'll make you cry, nigga. How you figga your...

damn.. I had a little def poetry moment.

But seriously. Watch ya back, pimp'n. all 110 of me is coming for that mohawk with some clippers.

one eye, baby, one eye... you choose which one stays open.

ya heard me?

dirty 'burbs.

B-diggity dawg!

2:53 PM  
Blogger Queue said...

still watching - keep writing - and pickin your numbers...

6:17 PM  

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