Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday February 13, 2006 - 4:26PM

i'm stealing some time at a computer in the high school i teach after-school at (martin luther king, jr. high). my apartment was broken into on friday and i lost three laptops. who burglarizes from a fourth-floor walk-up?! marty also lost her passport. it's more the violation than the laptops but now of course i have to start planning the "Replace our Laptops" poetry reading. stay tuned for that.

other than that, i'm fine i guess. my students are pissed at me. they say yusef komunyakaa is whack and they can't understand why i'm making them not only read his poems, but research his essays and his life... i'm loving it. they're really steamed at me so i know they're engaged and they'll thank me for it... or i'll bring a bat and get all Joe Clark - Stand By Me on they asses!

i should go teach the ONE after-school student i have today...


Anonymous Taylor Mali said...

So good to hear you talk like this. Those are lucky kids, and you're a great person for taking this on. Sorry you got robbed.

4:31 AM  
Blogger christa bell said...

a pox on the house of the thieves!!...yes roger, christa "you can't hit people!" bell has just cursed the fool who stole your babies...keep me posted on the fundraising efforts...blessings...

11:23 AM  

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