Sunday, December 26, 2004

4:45AM - Central Time ... well it's the regular early awake business. it is as silent as you possibly imagine 5AM being. Lake Geneva, WI is Mid-West classic small town with some money America and through the window (in the daytime anyway), you can see the lake going on for what seems an eternity of white.

i still haven't been outside in 48 hours and i believe cabin fever is taking hold. There is a warping kind of sensation taking place in my head, that is coming from the anxiety of being enclosed and absolutely far from the possibility of being able to go outside and breathe.

Still Christmas has been good. Marty's immediate family is always wonderful to me and around them i feel comfortable mostly. if only i could figure out what's with this continued insomnia over the last coupla months, it'd be groovy...

i'm reading Calypso Callaloo. Marty gave it to me for Christmas and it is fascinating. it traces the history of calypso in Trinidad and the Caribbean; giving weight to the socio-cultural context within which it was developed and includes a CD of rare and not-recorded-elsewhere tracks from the old old days. It has revealed things about calypso culture to me that i had no idea of (and i'm fairly certain i've studied the history of Trinidad and its culture more than most Trinidadians my age). Of course, this is even more fascinating to me given the sort of poems i've been writing lately and given my MASQUERADE show. I wish i could tell folks to go check it out, but it came from Strand's rare books section and i believe it is out of print. However, try to get hold of it (author Donald Hill). It will even give some insight into the sort of cultural evolution that birthed the blues and jazz here, other revolution music in other countries and point to a collaboration amongst these forms that you might have though impossible given the time period.

word! lemme see if i can get back to sleep now...


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