Wednesday, December 22, 2004

3:54AM - December 22nd

Welcome folks to the insomnia sweepstakes. I'm not ready for winter. But here's a tip on a book for you. get Thomas Sayers Ellis' "The Maverick Room". This first book of Ellis' from Graywolf Press is a winner. He marries a unique narrative tone to an ability to fearlessly break out of the box of the linear. He draws on his childhood in Washington DC, his love of Funk and an imagination so wild, he draws us laughingingly and in wonder into a world purely of his own construction.

get this book.

I'm off to Chicago and Wisconsin tomorrow for the holidays. Talk about a white Christmas (apply all necessary metaphors).

I'm going to try to get some rest these next few days though. The new year doesn't promise to be any less busy than this one was (so again, thank God, i'll eat). In the new year i get to perform at the Whitney in May, so stay tuned for that. I'm going to attempt that sleep thing again now...


Blogger John Holt said...

My cure for insomnia:

1) pick up a copy of The Basic Problems of Phenomenology by Martin Heidegger.

2) Start to read it. Become distracted and put some bad music on.

3) Fix a stiff drink and try to read it again. Become frustrated with why you feel pressured to read pointless texts by meaningless men.

4) Fix another drink.

5) Start dancing around to the bad music.

6) Burn the Book.

7) Pass out in the ashes of philosophy. Wake up refreshed.

At least, that's how I do it.



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