Monday, December 06, 2004

So now it's sunday and i've had to go through two full days of rehearsal for Tough Line after my show on Friday night. The show went well though i forgot one poem and completely left out another by mistake. as a result i had to dig myself out of a bit of an emotional hole early on. eventually i got going though and delivered a good show.

my high school librarian, nanci st. john was there. it doesn't get more time warpish than that. mara did an excellent job in the opening, especially considering her voice was trashed.

i'm tired as hell and i sound disjointed now. i'm finally off book for the VIA production, but if i never see a rehearsal again it'll feel like it's too soon.

marty represented hard on the stage management front and i think lynne and i did the best version yet of the father/pan duet.

thanks to all of you who came and all of you who didn't/couldn't but still wished me well... more updates when i survive the next few days of rehearsal and performance


Blogger Patrick said...

Bro, you're more a veteran than me, so you know that your own fuck-ups on stage are virtually invisible to the audience. I'm glad it went well. I hope I get a chance to catch it--maybe after I get this ton of administrative bamboo off my back.

7:38 AM  

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