Saturday, December 11, 2004

6:00 AM - Saturday

It's the insomnia again...

So the production of A Tough Line from VisionIntoArt went better than any of us expected this past Wednesday. By the end, i'd gone through such a stretch of trying to memorize stuff under the gun, i was looking at text for about five minutes and it would stick in my head. It's amazing the kinds of "muscle" memory a body develops. Still, i'm relieved it's over. There was a three week stretch there of trying to get ready for my show and this show that i thought i was going to go nutty; not to mention the bouts of insomnia during that stretch were ridiculous (not like it's stopped), though last coupla nights i'd get about 4 hours before i woke up, so now i'm drinking bedtime tea, because i have to get a little more sleep before i get up in the morning and head to Massachusetts. i perform at Amherst College tomorrow night...

Rebecca Hart (if you don't already know) is a fantastic singer/songwriter. Her work is phenomenal, so imagine my consternation when i go to see her one-woman show and her acting and writing in the show are every-bit as good as her singing/songwriting. "Jazz Desert" is very very smartly written, funny and acted with care; thoughtfully. It was not so much that i was blown-away, as i was opened up; and she made me want to go visit The Joshua Tree in Nevada.

Next look for A Tough Line at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania on February 2, 2005. Hopefully i can find myself in Trinidad for carnival soon after.


Blogger Tony said...

Dammit!!!! You're in Massachusetts and I'm in DC. I hate never getting to see friends perform because I am...

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw you perform at the festival and you blew me away. Phenominally! What makes it even better is that I'm a native of the islands, bred in Tortola and St. Thomas....I admire you, thank you for writing...Incase you're interested I've been writing everyday-some days on a better scale then others- That's my page if it works if not it was just wonderful to be able to leave something to you. ~Sincerely

4:35 PM  

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