Thursday, December 23, 2004

2:30 Central Time

So I'm in Chicago; and while i left NYC at 60 degrees, it is 15 degrees here. The wind chill is another matter. We're going to Marty's parents' house in Wisconsin in a moment. yes, Wisconsin. It'll be a bit colder, i surmise, so there'll be a lot of indoors this Christmas. Last Christmas, i was in Trinidad. The difference - let me tell you - is stark!

I'm not really a Christjmas person. I don't do the tree thing. I don't put up lights and i give gifts to very few folks. I don't dislike it per se. I just haven't ever really been into it too much. I've been arguing with folks, that should i have a kid someday, I'm not perpetrating the entire Santa Claus fiction. I can really see no point to it, and i'm not sure that it adds anything really to the sense of wonder and joy in the world that a child might experience. Now, i believed in the existence of Santa Claus until damn near puberty. I was mad as hell when i found out that he didn't exist; so this is not just some bah-humbug perspective based on not having experienced the "wonder" myself. But i have come across many children (and stories of children) who believed themselves unworthy of affection, or respect or praise, because no one in their families could afford to put gifts beneath a tree and tell them Santa Claus had brought them. I want to be able one day to give my children gifts at Kwamastukkah (yeah i said it) and say, your father loves you, your mother loves you and you are a wonderful human being so this is to say at the end of this year, that we appreciate your having chosen us... now go stack some firewood and sweep the garage...

What the holiday season does allow us (if we're not caught up in the frenzy of consumerist fantasies that warp everything that happens with the rest of our year), is the opportunity to find some place; some spot of peace (Lord, this is getting sappy) in the middle of the turmoil and say thanks. It allows us the opportunity to tell folk we love that we love them; and even why. I've always felt that need around this time of year (that and the need to catch the Lakers vs whatever Miami team plays on Christmas day); and i don't need to freeze my fingers, stick a fat man in a chimney or get pine needles in my ass to do it.

Enjoy your holidays folks. Likely you'll hear from me again before it's all said and done. I've got a thing or two to say about resolutions as well...


Blogger Rich said...

Pine needles in your ass?

What kind of Christmas tradition involves introducing anything pine-related into anything ass-related?

Sweet Jesus Peralta.

4:45 PM  
Blogger oscar said...

roger, that was the most intense LINUS and CHARLIE BROWN moment you have ever had on the blog

love ya like wisconsin loves cheese

5:19 PM  

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