Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday April 16th (again) - 8:28PM - Pacific Time - Phoenix Airport

so the last time i was here on my way to tucson, the woman in the burberry dress and the tall red heels, had the same layover with the same delay that we had. walked into the same bar we did but apparently couldn't carry drinks to the same extent. she teetered off the bar stool and while her ankle rolled over about 16 times on the way to the gate, staggered into a seat near the gate. she begins talking really loudly to the man seated next to her, who is very alarmed, since she is laughing and punching him in the arm about something she obviously thnks is hilarious.

all of a sudden Abba's "Dancing Queen" starts playing. she fishes into her huge Coach bag and pulls out her cellphone and starts speaking loudly into it.

next time i see her, she's fallen three times on the gangway on the way to the plane and then on the plane, she's leaning over a man, her large breasts in his face, slurring...

"dial my phone - if you hear dancing queen, that's me..."

but now my computer battery is dead, so i'm out...


Blogger The Dung Beetle said...

I'd have liked to have seen where you were going with this one. I hope you get around to finishing this story.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous da brotha cazze said...

blessed noble prince & griot,
it has been a while since you 1st schooled me in chicago,(slam nationals-1999-winston-salem team). a schooling that, for many lives i shant forget. i was that tall skinny yellow kid that you referred to as a raw purity. i had no idea of the concept. that is until, after years of living for, learning from & loving those souls that listen.
our brother. if you can nor can not recall this episode, the lesson taught me that it matter not. THANK YOU-TO THE INFINITE......

12:48 AM  

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