Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Saturday September 10th, 2005 – 12:36AM – PST (Seattle)

So not much to report from the Bumbershoot wrap party; coupla free drinks, some dancing. I did however have the chanc to reconnect with Otha Major; a beatboxer from Seattle who just might be the best in the business I’ve come across. I got to work with him a few years back and got to hear him again tonight. I need to have him come to New York, so I can figure out an excuse to write a show for him and me to do.

Meanwhile, the inimitable Amy Baranski strikes again – she of the craziness and picking fights in a bar in San Francisco (all 103 lbs of her). I swear I’ll figure out how to get the pictures from off my phone so everyone can know these scandalous people.

I’m still up because I just got watching ‘The Exorcist’, so basically there’s no reason I should be trying to go to sleep.

Monday September 12th, 2005 – 10:04PM – EST

So I’m assuming I’m back in the Eastern Time Zone, being in a plane somewhere between Chicago and New York. Seattle was a good time this time around (as it always is) though it was a lot more low-key then in the past. With Karen Finneyfrock being a fantastic host as usual and Damemond Arrindell providing the best ever French Toast that side of the Cascade Mountains, and getting to reconnect with my friend Koreen from college, and getting to do a fair amount of writing, I feel like I actually accomplished stuff. It will feel weird the next time I have to go back though, because Karen is moving to DC and so much of Seattle is associated with her, for me (probably because she puts me up whenever I go there), but there was excellent salmon dinner from Allison and Thomas, and I got splendid views and excellent pictures of the space needle from their house – see pictures. There are after all still a huge lot of folks from Seattle who will make it a great place to go back to. Gwen (newly moved back there after having to abandon law school at Tulane after Katrina) Davis, provided excellent company and a ride to the airport too, so Seattle is alllll good as far as I’m concerned (even if it is beginning to be overcast for 75 percent of the time every day and will continue to do so until April).

In the airport in Chicago, I bought Esmeralda Santiago’s latest? memoir “The Turkish Lover”, and already I’m 100 pages in. I’m really excited because her other two books “When I was Puerto Rican” and “Almost a Woman” were such excellent memoirs and such excellent writing signposts as it were for me. So get it, I’m returning to reading it right now. With any luck, I’ll be safe in New York in an hour.


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