Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday July 22nd, 2005 - 1:40AM


So, i can't sleep. Pieces from the show just keep running in my head. This is one of them pure anxiety bouts of sleeplessness. i guess it's good though, that the pieces are running in my head. it means at least that i remember them. this doesn't feel as frustrating as insomnia normally does; and perhaps because i know exactly where it's coming from.

tonight, i went to see DAGMAR, a band with which LouhderARTS Project will be collaborating at the end of September. my friend Pablo (VIA's percussionist) plays with them. they were excellent. you should check them out wherever you see the name. their music is a kind of off the wall Billy Idol-ish, David Byrne-esque kind of British rock of the 70s type thing. The musicians are all spectacular and Meghan has a brilliant voice. the other lead, Jim Bauer has a quirky, intelligent, funny sound going and i look forward to working with them. Meanwhile, i have to figure out how to organize my day tomorrow as i try to get done all the things i need to get done before my show, please get in a couple different runs of the show and rehearsals with Lynne for the duet piece we have in the show.

already next week is starting to get hectic and it isn't even here yet. rehearsals for nationals, pieces i have to write, money i have to chase down are all conspiring to leave me with very little time to drink wine or go to the beach or any of the other assorted things summer should be about.

today though, i finished my new chapbook, which will premiere at the show on saturday. i kinda like it. it's purple...


Blogger Amanda Johnston said...

So the show sounds like a blast. Best of luck! Now the question is, when are you going to put it on DVD so us sorry folk who live elsewhere can buy it and enjoy the show from the comfort of our southern couches? Don't worry that you can't sleep. It's only the voices in your head telling you that YOU ROCK!!

Wuv, Amanda from Kentucky who now lives in Austin

10:57 PM  
Blogger LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs said...

You can't because you're thinking of me don.

But besides that, your anxiety will do you wonders for the performance. Breath. Don't scream if you assume no one's hearing you or for the sake of dramatics. If you must, not too much daddy. You'll hurt an ear or five. Added, you'll tire your chords half way into the show. We women (and men) like to be coyed, oozed into a performance. Some grunting but enough to just soil a drop on the undergarments.

And...if you absolutely have to, one, only one sip before curtains up. We want shinny eyes, not glazed ones.

Ok, I am indeed a mess.

Look towards the entrance and not at any screw face attendants. Be you and don't be you.

Much success manana papa.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Mahogany L. Browne said...

save me a book! i don't want no mess now -- or i will shiatsu you too! :)

10:01 AM  
Blogger christa bell said...

the warm and loving buzz you feel as you approach the mic will be me sending you reiki all the way from seattle...wish i could be there...WORD to amanda's question re. the dvd!! will anyone be recording? *christa*

9:26 PM  
Blogger jonesie girl said...

what is the title of the book?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

You ripped it, Roger. Damn good show. Great to see you and the many Trinis in the audience connect. It gave me a lot to think about. I won't say no more coz I'm trying to figure out how to bite some o' dat island steez.

ps sorry i'm gonna miss the finger puppets

9:26 PM  

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