Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday September 9, 2005 - 2:27PM - Pacific Standard Time (Seattle)

so... after about the 8th drink (3 vodkas, 5 Hawaii 5-Os), i get on Roberto Ascalon's motorbike - i wore a helmet - and roared off into the Seattle night. i also had on a kind of... Last Dragon 'Sho Nuff costume of bright silver to make me a little more exciting. we all tried on various costumes from Karen Finneyfrock's costume closet in the basement.

so... after i busted my ass on the bike about a mile down the road trying to turn around in a very Evel Knievel kind of way, i came back. apparently i was gone a while, so i guess it was more like 2 miles down the road, cuz even Roberto Ascalon was getting a little worried and folks were beginning to wonder if they should send out a search party; but i'm fine, the bike is fine and alls well that ends in a full-body costume and a drink in your hand and excelent converstaion about poetry and modern art. it was a virtual artists' salon by night's end.

Roberto Ascalon's crazy ass is a smart and compassionate human being and i like him a lot. When i figure out how to get the picturs from my phone to the computer, you'll see the pictures.

Tonight is the Bumbershoot Festival's wrap party. Surely there'll be more to report after that..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:46 PM  
Blogger Amanda Johnston said...

I know you're traveling but I wanted to let you know that a letter from me should be waiting for you when you get home - a letter with $5 bucks in it for a copy of your new chapbook. I feel I must clarify that the money is to purchase this book because I'm sure people just send you money because you are alive and dare to breathe another day and grace them (on occasion) with your presence.

Hope things are going well in your world.


9:02 AM  
Blogger christa bell said...

and so it seems you had quite a time, even without me being there:0) just in from the retreat in vancouver and it was AMAZING!! have a present for you...cbell

12:13 PM  
Blogger Mahogany L. Browne said...

hilarious... would love to see the shonuff pictures!
ps - i still have a pic with bruce leroy when he visited nuyorican cafe! ha - top dat!

2:19 PM  

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