Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday July 27th - 5:12PM

it's really hot. this is the first time i can remember walking in nyc as slowly as i walk when i'm back home. i just walked from 5th avenue and 6th street in park slope to bergen st and court st in cobble hill. this was not a good idea necessarily for the 95 degree 100 per cent humidity weather, but now i'm having a lynchburg lemonade (jack daniels and lemonade) and therefore; the world is right.

jonesie; the book drops in the spring of 06, so it will be available on line then. meanwhile, my new chapbook, you can e-mail me directly for that at ET, thanks so much for your love and wishes.

i'm going to eat something involving bacalau and lots of pepper. i'll be back...


Blogger oscar said...

be sure to order some chivo

3:56 PM  

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