Monday, April 18, 2005

April 18th, 2005 - 6:30AM

Again with the insomnia. i've been awake for an hour and a half now. i even got to see the last half hour or so of Rosemarie's Baby. Today is going to be the semi-final slam at Bar 13. I feel not as prepared as i would like to be but i'll say this right now. i'm doing "trent lott" in the fourth round so that i don't have it to use for finals, should i reach the finals.

okay, so i know many of you have no idea what i'm talking about, but i get to say styff like that cuz i'm awake and woozy.

still, i'm excited about the upcoming possibilities for a team coming out of our venue. we will probably have two brand new poets on our team (brand new to our team - not to slam necessarily or to poetry) and that's very exciting, because they're also good poets. the National Poetry Slam voted at it's recent slam masters' meeting to offer a prize of $500 in the prelims, not for the winning individual or team but to the poem that took the most risk. the prize apparently is for the best written poem that dares try win a slam. i've been one of the voices bemoaning the lack of quality writing on the national slam level and the braintrust's obsessions with competition rules instead of actual poems. well, tony brown of worcester put his money where my mouth was and actually donated the money towards this prize, i understand. this is the best thing i think to have happened to the national poetry slam since patricia smith, and i personally thank him for it.

Also, as of yesterday VIA's rehearsals began again. stay tuned. we're at the whitney on may 18th, so it'll be interesting at least. i feel like i'm not doing quite as much reading of poetry as i'd like these days, so i'm going to go buckle down to some this week (if i can find the time anywhere).

i'm gone; maybe to find some sleep.


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