Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday April 9, 2005 - 3:12PM

The weather is gorgeous and i got on my bike today in shorts and came over here to the International Center for Tolerance in Education, where i have shared office space to work on some writing and performing.

The sun is streaming in through the window, and this office in DUMBO, is right on the edge of the river, and in the river-park folks are soaking up the sun and for a moment all is right with the world.

Thanks to the commenter on my blog who showed love. In the past coupla weeks, much has happened. I'm working too much (a good thing) to blog consistently and at louderARTS, we had what might arguably be the best anniversary show to date. From Patrick Rosal's stellar feature to Patricia Smith's standing ovation performance, to louderARTISTS who all did the thing and did it right, i was really proud to be there; multiple shots of tequila and straight vodkas notwithstanding.

Patricia Smith's class has been really good for me, so i'll take this opportunity to post one of the things i've written in the class so far. It's based on some photos of black folk circa 1870-1880, that Patricia gave to us. i got one of this late adolescent girl. we're writing persona poems so this is my first offering...

called: Eurydice

I do not come when called
Mostly I materialize

Dark as a kiss
incarnate again
and again
sometimes twice in one life
now mother
now the burnt sugar sweet
of a wide-eyed wide-hipped
too-young lover

now concubine
now priest

I do not come
I am called
when the wayward rib
needs me

America is a dark continent
1878 exploding
all over my black behind

When I am called
I arrive black bitch
whore hard-ass
when I am called
I run fugitive
slave-codes Reconstruction
I’ve incarnated into the open
rotted mouths of my own lovers
just to know like they know

I dance in the clearing
I laugh too loud
I give benediction
I show off my knickers
and smell like funk
like ragtime
like fiddle and bucket-bass
I walk the long road North
I come when called
I ghost
I materialize
I moan
I dark continent
I incarnate
then come

I high lace collar
I don’t shuck and jive
I survive
I nigger I black
I fuck massa in the barn
I serve tea in the big house
I collect Oscar and whipped back
I exposed super-bowl nipple
I Hottentot
I dark continent
don’t tell me ‘bout Africa
no more

Amos and Andy are coming
Toni Morrison is coming
Michael Jackson and Tito Puente are coming
Tuskegee and Kent State are coming
Muhammed Ali is coming
Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza

I incarnate I birth pain
I know the bird
of my next life
fuck for love
for power
I traitor conscience

as usual, feel free to offer criticism, comment or contumely. one love people. go out and enjoy the sun.


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u totally took it somewhere i did not succulent.

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