Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March 16, 2005 - 10:35AM

I've just got done reading Toni Morrison's "Beloved". It is so all-encompassing in its scope. It is enormous. I am forever changed by it. I'd already read everything else by Morrisson save for "Love" but this book. It is a close second to "Song of Solomon" i believe, as her best book. What is perhaps most remarkable is her ability to excavate all the complexities of survival that have had to be undertaken by black folk and that still need to be undertaken. Without needing to point it out, her book explains how slavery still scars us; how it makes us all (oppressor and oppressed) depraved. It is about finding the enotional space to carve dignity out of the most horrific experiences and finding a way to live, regardless. If you haven't yet, read it now.


Now back to the NCAA tournament. Here are some "sleepers" to look for. I've been examining this carefully all year, so pay attention. As you know the most upsets always seem to occur with the 5-12 matchups, so pay attention to all those. A 16 seed has never beaten a 1 seed. It's not going to happen this year either. Louisville got kinda hosed with a #4 seed, so look for them to feel like they have something to prove. They WILL beat Washington with their #1 seed. Besides, Pitino can really coach and that Garcia kid is hot. Syracuse WILL take out Duke in the sweet sixteen. Yes Mara, you heard it hear first! Look at UAB, Nevada, UTEP, to be some of your scarier lower seeds. Also check out Florida, Alabama, Gonzaga as your other "sleepers" who can kill folks.


BJ Ward's "Landing in New Jersey with Soft Hands", is a wonderful collection. I'm not yet done with it, but if you run into it (or any of his other books for that matter) pick it up. He featured for us on Monday and his work was wonderful.

Meanwhile, I began Patricia Smith's Cave Canem workshop last night and already i'm excited as hell, even though she did ask us to write a stanza for every five years of my life and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Get behind your TVs tonight folks. March Madness is here. Git 'r done!!


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