Monday, March 14, 2005

March 14, 2005 - 11:09AM

So before i head off to the gym, this is what's going on. I've much better becasue i've slept really hard this weekend, so i'm in a really good mood. Provided we can keep up this whole sleeping thing, the next week will be just fine.

But the NCAA tournament begins tonight and these are a coupla things for y'all to look for.
1. Notre Dame got gipped by not getting into the tournament.
2. Pittsburgh is going to get a lot further than a lot of folks think
3. J.J. Redick of Duke is a phenomenal shooter and his overall game has improved greatly this year (he can actually drive the basket now) but i'm a little tired of how much they always look for a really all-American looking boy (usually white, often from Duke) in college ball and blow him up way more than is necessary. Besides for my money, Salim Stoudamire is as good a shooter (maybe better), better in the clutch and has more all-around game.
4. Whether or not North Carolina (tarheels) win, they'll continue the tradition of sending the most and best NBA-ready players to the next level. Dean Smith was brilliant at preparing kids for the NBA, preparing them so that they always performed better than others thought they would at the next level - see: Jordan, Worthy, Perkins, Scott Williams etc etc etc. Roy Williams (UNC's current coach) is a Dean Smith disciple and even when he was a coach at Kansas, he prepared students well for the NBA
5. Warrick of Syracuse will do well in the NBA if/when he develops a more consistent outside shot.
6. Your final four will be Illinois, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Syracuse. You heard it here first.
Meanwhile, i'm almost done with Beloved. It is a fascinating critique of this country's history and the way in which we have developed a pathology of depravity that is a result of the way in which oppression has worked in this country; and oppression of the most heinous kinds, up until very recently. Fact is, the depravity that results infects both the oppressed AND the oppressor and where that leaves us all spiritually is a very very difficultly hopeless place. Still, the opportunity for salvation lies in the pockets of the moments of our day to day lives and sometimes all that is, is an ability to feel human for a bit. Sometimes that ability can come only out of the mouth of a bottle, or in violence, but isn't all self-flagellation no matter how ritual or non-ritual, a kind of search for salvation?

that's where i am right now with this book. i'm about to read meg kearney's collection (i read with her on friday in new jersey ans she's awesome. In a day or two i'll be able to tell you in more depth why i like her work. I also got to meet Suji Kwock Kim whose "Notes from a Divided Country" i stole from Salome a while back and really enjoyed. BJ Ward's work was also phenomenal (and he's featuring for us tonight) and Joe Weil and Phebus Etienne also read really enjoyable work. I'll have more in-depth analysis on all of their work or we'll be bringing them to readings near you in a minute...

off to run a bit.


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haven't felt so happy to be a blue devil carolinian in a good long while. prepare for my new blue caps, duke sweatshirts, and freshly gilded smacktalk. jj redick is al right. yes they kiss his ass. but he does beeeeeuuuutiful things with that basketball so leavem alone, mr. bonair-agard.


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