Thursday, March 10, 2005

4:35AM - March 10th 2005

Freakin insomnia!!!!!!!!

anyway the sound of the radiator is comforting in a 75 Impala fallen into disrepair sort of way. life isn't bad, but there are weird dark patches on my face because of the eratic sleep. it'll get better. meanwhile i have to steal moments of sleep in the middle of the day to make up.

christina marie: i don't yet know when or even if, they'll air me on Def Poetry Jam. They don't air everyone who taped, so we just kinda wait around and find out a coupla days before the season begins. the second time, i wasn't even told. i just heard one day that i was on.

i'm reading toni morrison's "beloved". christa bell from seattle sent it to me in the mail. she wins! the book is freakin' me out and fuckin' up my chi though.

off to search the cupboards for camomile tea. that outta at least send me on my way...


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