Saturday, November 06, 2004

So my brother, Jamil just got on a bus and Kendra just got on a plane to return to Toronto and Chicago respectively and we have no house guests for the first time in three months. I've been really lethargic today and am only just getting some work done (getting some work done on Satirday night; that's just great). This is one of those days when everything feels overwhelming. I feel like i've taken a day off and now i have to leave for three weeks or so and i don't have things done that need to be done and i feel kinda flat and i'd better get at least my show in order and decently memorized while i'm on the road. it's also time for me to sit down with all my poetry peeps and talk... poetry and all things related for the first time since the election. so now, i'll go find something like a drink and begin the plotting...


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