Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006 - 1:50AM

So it's a full month since last i've posted anything, and now my brthday month is over (it was a glorious one; there were half-naked pictures and everything) and World Cup football has begun (soccer for you... uhm... other people).

of course what that means is that i want to really hear nothing much from folks that doesn't begin with the phrase "did you see that bullet of a goal from..." or "did you see than run that...". this is even more crazily amplified because for the first time in our history, trinidad and tobago has made it to the world cup finals, smallest nation ever to get there and already we've upset the applecart, by tying with sweden 0-0, in a match all the oundits predicted we'd lose by at least 5-0 in. further, today, we came up against england, an ever larger football giant and they were lucky to escape with a 2-0 victory, both goals coming in the final 8 minutes of the match and after some quite dubious calls by the officials over the course of the match.

but even amidst this, there is poetry (or perhaps because of it, or in its very existence). tomorrow is the last performance of my one-man show, masquerade: poems of calypso and home, in the SoloArts theatre festival. it has been an exhilarating and interesting process, because i have finally had to relinquish the crutch of pretending that it was just a concert and not a theatre piece, and consequently i've had to think about the poems together as a different unit. i've had to think blocking and what the arc of the whole show is and how my performance serviced that arc etc etc. i am by no means to the end f that journey, but now i know the entire hour and freakin fifteen minutes by heart and the process of stagung and memorizing has taught me new things about the work (note i am still awake at 2AM).

it seems too that half of all the new poems i am writing are about sport, so the second book will have to deal with something such. it is awesome because now i have an excuse to watch hella sports and old tapes and shit and not feel guilty because it's really all research. there's more to say of course but hopefully i won't be waiting a whole month for the next entry.

lemme run these poems one more time...