Tuesday, April 07, 2015

National Poetry Month - 6 of 30

An excerpt from the Elegba interviews – punking the interviewer
And who that cap fit, let dem wear it / I say I throw meh corn, but mih nuh call no fowl…
                                                Bob Marley – Who The Cap Fits

the obvious question is             who
are these questions for              what
do you want to know                and why
if I lit this cigar in here anyway
                        fuck you gon do bout it?

but I ain’t got this far into the under
world and come out fresh steppin’
by askin obvious shit                 you
talk to your maker bout             your
motive.      I’ma tell you like this

rain bout to fall whether or not
you fucks with mud on your shoes
you have to leave your crib
and come to where you can hear
the singing        or you’ll succumb

to the languages                        chiselin holes
in your dome               you can’t just
spit some rum and blood a cock
and beat on a goat skin
and take a bride
and pay a dowry
and build a school
and adopt an orphan
and plant a tree
and hope                                  that’s enough
for all the fucked up prayers you done left whispering
themselves on the bottom of the Atlantic

you gotta work for real
you gotta          get up early
you gotta          confetti your money
you gotta          leave what you know
is sure              and go for the two
in the bush       & the sound of weeping coming from there                             
you gotta ask
these questions from far                        and shit on your own
logic before the answers                       return
you gotta straight           burn a dictionary
and wait for                  darkness to riddle you

you know how many times I been left
for dead, Player?                       You know how
many times you the exact muhafugga

done the leaving?

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