Friday, April 03, 2015

National Poetry Month - 2 of 30

An excerpt from the Elegba interviews

Love is all I bring / inna mih khaki suit an ting…
                                                Althia & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking

I tell it like this – the weather is mine
     to make with as I please
why my left hand          don’t have the courage
of the right, but performs all the same
tasks.     I say  Look, woman

what’s happening is       sustained heat
   don’t follow your guesswork, don’t follow
     your mind. Can you trust it?
            the ball in my hand  this way
the fingers make it move forward & spin
back in on itself                        is English

I tell it like this  look up under
the  brim of my lid  yeah – that’s night
and seven kinds of questionable decisions
in them stars     you think
I leave Olympus                        dressed
            like a butterfly house
for nothing?
            Come again love – my intentions
are pure            as this weather
   and smoke   well you already know
is sacrament                  Blood me
your largest black cock – the one
with the red comb and hood
                        and we’ll call it even
                        you get to tell the story

any way you choose.

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