Saturday, April 04, 2015

National Poetry Month - 3 of 30

excerpt from the Elegba interviews - origins

Nah pop no style, I strickly roots / nah pop no style. I strickly roots…
                                                            Althia & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking

Well see, I stay in the cut                         of my heart
move quick when the position seem      compromised
if you know what I mean. Your people talk
about containing multitudes      I shape
shift.     I carry water,
   sugar in my shirt pockets        I boutonierre
    fresh cut tulips in red
and Black
it’s why the bees and the butterflies stay
 in rotation about me. I cultivate the sweet
I harness the constant sting         folk think
the smooth taste, the hat’s tilted
brim is for flow                        never that -
          it’s so you can’t fully catch the eyes
in my stars – if you know what I mean

folk hear trickster and think
     sleight-of-tongue      think I don’t
     hurt enough                        to want
war                               think
I won’t daybreak out a window
   and blood a nigga by dusk.
      Count the rubies in the dust at the chosen
cock’s neck and tell me what you learn then,
Poet.                 Tell me I don’t bleed
quiet.                Tell me my heart isn’t
already singing from beyond

my body’s grave.

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