Saturday, February 12, 2005

4:46AM - Saturday Feb 12th - iWPS

so this is where we are. "Chunkin' tha deuce" means you're leaving; as in you're throwing up a peace sign.

dawn gabriel likes mayonnaise (i the missle of a converstaion about different versions of chorizo.

after two nights of competition, i'm ranked 2nd overall and so, i'm in the finals. andy buck, buddy wakefield, ria thompson, adrianna ramirez, dawn saylor, carlos gomes, dawn gabriel, whoopeecat, nick fox and i are in a room together. it is really stupid all of the time. there are many new opinions i have about slam and what it means for poetry in general, for women and for black men. the opinions are not always good ones. i'll say them later when i'm more in control of my faculties.

there is only one woman in the final field of twelve. that's a shame when you consider that voices like rachel mckibbens, dawn saylor and rachel kann didn't make it. it's really really late and the worcester review will be coming to get me at noon to make a recording.



Blogger BiancaLynne said...

yay for 2nd! boooooo for only one woman in the final 12?! are you serious?! in any case good luck!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous chioma said...

oh just shut up and win already will ya?

2:00 AM  

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