Thursday, February 10, 2005

iWPS - 2:29PM

Okay, Ladies and Germs, it's already weird; and i'm not talking about the dude from Alabama selling incense in the lobby of the theatre where we're having the bouts (i bought three bags).

There are, out of sixty competitors, only twelve women. Five of them are in my bout! It gets better. In World Cup Soccer, when all the teams have been drawn, there always ends up one group that has four powerhouse teams in it, so that at least two teams that are really good are gonna be eliminated. So it is for my bout tonight. Christa Bell (Seattle), Dawn Saylor (NYC), Rachel McKibbens (NYC), Rachel Kann (Los Angeles), Daniel Vaughn (Milwaukee), Alvin Lau (Chicago) and a couple other folks whose faces i know but whose names i don't. Basically half the women and all the New York folks (except for Akua) have ended up in the same bout. It's gonna be festive.

It is less stressful than the team nationals though, possibly because very few of the folks there, have other folks they have to worry about, whose movements and needs they have to monitor etc etc. I'm back in the hotel room now, because i didn't really feel like messing with all the open mics for the rest of evening. My bout is at 8:30PM. There will be an update around midnight...


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