Monday, April 22, 2013

Poem 7 of 30 - April 22 - niggas (for avery, tai, miste)


(for avery, tai, miste)

We spin the yarn, use the word like nexus, like
we build a next us out of mis-appropos
out of rooftops from a Brooklyn they still
tryna take from us – niggas - We use it
fluent as memorized prayer before
the smell of grits & fried fish gets too good
and interrupts the Lord under our intentions.
We see color, nigga and so we know every
story under the leather and cable knit
of Billy Dee Williams’ smooth-haired swag.
Dats a nigga for real and we know it the same
way we got taught early that it don’t matter
how tall or how rich or how gotdamned
learned we get that that word is ours
by back-break and lash and the love
we’ve had time to build and measure
in that room – that word migrates with us
to say slow, to roll around our mouths
like a tough sweet black toolum till
even our mouths are black with a nigga’s
sweet meaning, with all the ways niggas
make to say Church, with how we sure
nuff gonna find our own way to glory

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Blogger Rhonda Rochelle said...

I wish I could record a sigh in text praise... but I can't so I will say I sighed...and smiled... I like this one very much.

11:53 AM  

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