Thursday, April 04, 2013

Poem 3 of 30 - April 3 - How it Probably Began

How it Probably Began

The book had pictures of real people
inside.  Their bodies rose and fell
in places I had only wondered about.
Before now, only a mythical terrain
of what might be happening beneath
the canopies of blouse, jacket, skirt
coats.  All these bodies pale in black
and white – and hairy.  And something
in me sang out to the breasts and the labeled
vagina, and even the explanations of what
happened when two people love each
other and what happens next sent my body
divining those bodies in exhibition
for my benefit, for my new and holy
knowing. How could I not love
learning and love the body. I asked
for a brother and wanted to know –
my voice rising – where they came from
that I couldn’t just have one, and my
mother brought home the slender
bible Where Babies Come From
and thrust it without ceremony into my hands
and said, Read, and all of a sudden the
streets opened, and the bodies of neighborhood
girls became a gauntlet of inquisition.
So much magic opening up to me
that summer holiday. I was skipping
a class going directly to 2nd Grade
and my body went ahead of me
singing; guarding this new song.

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