Sunday, April 07, 2013

Poem 4 of 30 - April 6 - Letter #24 for the girl, coming

Letter #24 to the girl, coming

The nursery is painted
            bright yellow – you belong
            there, to joy

The changing station is an amalgam
of interesting shapes of wood

I am not the handy type

I’m going to build something

Today we hung album covers -
            Roberta Flack.  Joan Armatrading

I want you to have black
            women in your line
            of vision.

This is the first time
     I’ve ever seen a picture of Joan Armatrading

I’d always assumed
                            she was white…

Most recently I’ve recorded -
     Richard Blanco. Lucille Clifton.
            Audre Lorde. Terrance Hayes.

I am praying for wisdom.
The old people say I’m bound
to fuck something up

Parenting is a guessing game

I want you to have black
     women in your line.

I once whispered nigga
     fifty times into your mother’s
     full belly

I wanted you
     to know
            what we’re fighting

We folded
            your clothes this morning

We will swaddle you
            in the shirt with the map
            of Africa

on the way home

I want you
     to know
            what we’re defending

You always kick
     between us
     when your mother hugs me

So we put a picture
     of us
            to your crib

I want you
            to know
     no matter what happens

         Made you.

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