Sunday, April 07, 2013

Poem 6 of 30 - April 8 - Jes so we does talk

Jes so we does talk

We push chin up say dat cooyah mout
say when de neighbor say it look like dem
people really going an put up dat ugly pink
house wit one setta flag in de yard – fuh dat.
We say she have de man like a coonoomoonoo.
Tabanca ha de man walkin de road like a pappy

We bottle and spoon refrain…

By the corner: Dis muddercunt gettin meh damn
vex. Ms. Mora light skin daughter pass: Mornin
family. And gorn back to – is a good planass
he want, oui

We suck teeth refrain

You eh even get a lil pull-tongue self?
You eh bettin you is a waisahtime nah.
Aye boy – bring back 2 ponga flour
2 ponga sugar and a ponga buttah

We cocoyea broom refrain

Smell dat hot bread – carry 2
fuh Ms. Ivy. Carry 2 fuh Aunty
Dolly. Carry 2 fuh Ms. Mavis.
Come back straight. Drink dis
beer.  It hot outside. Study
yuh book. Say yuh prayers.

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Blogger sordar joy said...

Just a quick noteI wound up going with a dark black/brown counter. I will post photos in a later update.

Green Onyx

3:13 AM  

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