Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday May 23rd, 2005 – 3:30PM

I am in the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago. It is basically a plant museum, and it is awesome. This is what the world is made of sometimes; the chance of being in places like this. Kevin Coval took me to this party yesterday hosted by this Latina Theatre company. One of these women, Yadi Correa works for the Garfield Conservatory. It is a series of greenhouses, and right now I’m sitting in one that houses a number of tropical plants – a lot of the stuff I grew up seeing in my own home (my mother is an avid amateur horticulturist). So there are anthuriums and calabash and rice paper trees and a lot of other stuff that I now know belongs to a family called aroids (it would include stuff like the plants from which yuca grows, and spinach – I think – and what we call dasheen bush at home).

The pond has a selection of coy and goldfish mostly. these are some of the biggest goldfish you are likely to see. Coy are kind of in the carp family so they look sorta like catfish except they are a bright salmon or spotted white color. This particular greenhouse is very humid, to mimic the natural habitat of these plants.
So I came here this weekend for Marty’s sister’s wedding. I wont tell of all the hilarity. Some things should remain private, but I did do the blessing over dinner for the reception. Folks are running around the midwest now thinking that I must be a minister, because I, - ladies and gentlemen – apparently can bless a meal like nobody’s business.
That’s right folks; Reverend Rog is at your service.

I’m about to see about getting over to the reading at the Funk Buddha. Our kinda own Kelly Tsai is featuring there tonight, and I’m a see if I can get a little mic time in.


Now it's 2:30AM and i've had a chance to hang out with Kevin Kyle and Kelly - i'm not even joking. we went to see Kendra at Le Bouchon. Again, i'm not making this up. i should probably chill now and go to bed. my flight is at noon.


Blogger Eliel Lucero said...

dude, while you were at that green house place, did you place one foot in the calabash?
Sorry I didn't make it tonight to your reading but you aren't moving to Florida with your fiancee and I can't be at two places at once. The force has yet to allow that miracle.

9:45 PM  

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