Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday July 14, 2006 - Iowa City, IA - 10:53PM (Central Time)


- Red knee-length shorts (or swim trunks / because of the sprinklers)

- Green Mexican National team football shirt

- sneakers (Champion brand from Payless $24.99)

This is a rabbit-hunting uniform. It allows for mobility, easy breathability. The shorts protect from rug-burns to upper thighs if dive or slide tackle is required to snag the rabbit.

Note: The Marriot Resort and Spa at Desert Ridge will not be held indemnible for any injuries incurred while hunting any of the wild rabbit which overrun the property.


a. when the key from the forklift would not start the golf-cart, we decide to head for the golf course on foot. The visibility was particularly good. A slightly waning moon high in the night sky lit the way, so that we could see the path and the greens fairly clearly and were therefore less concerned than we should have been about the rattlesnakes of which Connie (helpful staff person) had warned us.

b. A flag from the green on the first hole par-3 makes an interesting javelin. In addition, by unscrewing the knob at the top of the pole, you can remove the entire flag to bring with you as a souvenir.

c. the smaller putting-green flags make excellent lances and can double as a driver if the ball is visible enough.


A rabbit will allow you (if you are stealthy enough) to get within 10 yards of it (about 2 strides if you get good traction and oush off).

This does not guarantee you will catch one, however. One must allow for the rabbit's amazing cornering abilities. If you try to cut the corner off and tackle from the angle, you will find that part of the reason for the long ears are to gauge the speed and wind direction change so as to understand from what direction and how fast predators are coming. as such, to get your hands on one and tag its ear with the sharpie in your pocket, you have to fake one direction and almost immediately go the next way and hope you've predicted the animal's counter-move correctly.

(other auxiliary requirements: 1 bottle bacardi, 1 bottle ocean spray grapefruit juice- the 100% juice kind. this is rabbit-hunting fuel, a healthy pair of lungs, nowhere important to be the next morning, like... and airport or anything)


Glenn Singleton's presentation on Conversations about race in education (see: Courageousn Conversation about Race) was brilliant. He weaves the data about the disparity in results between white and non-white students into an understanding of the ways in which the system works to continuously undermine the efforts of black and latino youth. for the work Maureen and i are attempting to get done, around teacher training in this field, his work is central, pivotal, ground-breaking. what this conference has taught us (amongst other things) is that our work needs far broader scope and long-term commitments from schools and their staffs in order to be able to impact education realistically; and in the long term, commitments from folks up and down the hierarchy of district and state education


116 degrees... is 116 degrees. there is no such thing as "dry heat". If you walk 200 meters and want to vomit, then it's freakin hot! i never again want to be told... "but New York is humid. THAT's the problem. i'd rather 100 degrees of dry-heat than 90 and humid..." Bullshit!! and this from a man who makes it a policy never to complain about heat.


Jesse Dylan Grace is fabulous! She rocks! and she is going to get me colorful cowboy boots. her dragonfly tattoo is awesome and to get 'tight' with someone after two nights of hanging out, two years apart is a good feeling.


Forest fires are beautiful from the air...


Anonymous Tashia said...

Im Tashia, I met you at Dartnouth during SEAD this summer. I just wanted to tell you you are amazing and very inspiring.

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