Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday July 19th, 2005 - 8:32PM

So i've made my cuts to the script. It actually wasn't as much over my target time as i thought it would be, but i should make allowances for crowd reaction and transition and that sort of thing. I got rid of two pieces that i think are somewhat redundant in the show and ran it for the first time. It's really rusty, so i have to run it again at least three times tomorrow. There is a lot i have to re-learn to get it ready and comfortable where i want it to be by saturday.

i also had my first rehearsal with Amon, the drummer who will drum at the start and accompany my first piece and a couple other pieces in the show as well. he's also going to be teaching me to play djembe in the future. I'm apprehensive and a little excited, but i think it'll be fine. Time to do some work and reach some folks and get something to eat and something for this massive headache i have brewing. Loving something (or someone) really hard, hurts you all in the head...


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Good luck!

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