Wednesday, January 19, 2005

12:41AM – Pacific Standard Time – Monday January 17th

End of day 3ish. Found a brewery with Wi-Fi. that’s all I have to say about that. It’s called Elysian Brewery! yes… Elysian. Of course heaven is a brewery with wireless access!

Read Karen some of Kimiko Hahn’s work from The Artist’s Daughter. Marvelled again at how fly Hahn is.
It rained for about 20 hours straight. Tomorrow we’re going to a big fancy new pretty library. I think I’m a full-fledged geek/nerdlet now. I got excited about a new library…

Off to revise some poems.


1:47AM – Pacific Standard Time – Wednesday january 19th

Okay – no-one’s gonna believe this. I hung out tonight at the CHAC (Capitol Hill Arts Center) and it’s not just that they had a Gong Show tonight, or that I ended up being the star of the show, or that I ended up beat boxing for my drunk-as-hell newest best friend Amy Baransky; no, it’s none of that…

the bartender, Kat – a wonderful human being – lives in the house that Ms. Cleo used to live in (Yes! Ms. cleo of “Call me Now!” fame). Here’s the kicker: They still get her mail! She brought some of it with her to the bar tonight. She now knows all sorts of stuff about tarot reading because of Ms. Cleo’s mail ( not to mention the cardboard cut-outs of Ms. Cleo that come to her in the mail).

It’s spectacular and wonderful and Kat is going to be my new newest best friend, because she drives a Volkswagen beetle and lives in Ms. Cleo’s house and acts like that is the most normal thing in the world. Of course there were a few shots, a short-lived game of truth or dare, a beer called Roger’s (I swear I’m not making this up), another coupla beers called Fish Tail and several whiskeys…

I’m back in the house now. the bartender droves us home . This is how fly seattle is…


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