Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 4 - Two Bottles of Rum and The Roaring Lion (recording) National Poetry Month

For the fourth day i feature a piece of my own from the collection Bury My Clothes.  This bit of narcissism comes via  the Society of Midland Authors which today awarded Bury My Clothes their prize for poetry.
Bury My Clothes, like my collection before it Gully, takes some calculated risks.  In BMC, this includes the bookending of the collection with these two long pieces which are more memoir than poem, more short-story than aspiring to verse.  In the end, i think this is among the collection’s features that perhaps make it interesting, or at least curious to a reader more accustomed to traditionally built collections of poetry.
Moreover, this piece, the one that begins the book is attempting to establish a sort of platform, one from which the writer (and perhaps the reader) builds an understanding of the cultural landscape which informs the collection’s ‘thesis’ - that is, that violence is an essential ingredient in the development and evolution of African diasporic art, and therefore in the spirit of the individual diasporic African.

At any rate, have at this.  Feel free to go after discussion in the comments or ask questions.  It’s National Poetry Month after all.

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