Friday, April 11, 2014

#5 for National Poetry Month - Interview with Patrick Rosal

Patrick Rosal is a Filipino-American writer, author of 3 collections of poems and Assistant Professor of creative writing at Rutgers-Camden.  He is also a dear friend and I credit him with much of the study in conversation that has coalesced for me into a poetics.  When i first heard Patrick read poems at our LouderARTS Project in NYC circa 2003, i was ecstatic and dismayed.  Here were brilliant poems by someone whose poetic project as it were, was very similar to mine - except he was so much better.
In this interview, i get to sit with Patrick and share with you a tiny corner of the kinds of conversations we’ve had throughout the year.  It’s 30 minutes long.  Get your headphones in and settle in.  There’ll be more of these interviews to come.

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