Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday June 14, 1:44AM - Pittsburg - Cave Canem

So, it's going well. i've just got done with the poem i've got to hand in tomorrow. tday's workshop was with Kwame Dawes. He is at least at Shaolin Monk level with his critiques. I did a poem based on Ai's "Why i Can't Leave you" (out of the "Vice" collection). This year it is a lot more subdued than it was in 2003 (perhaps because 2003 now lives in infamy and the administration is doing all in its power to ensure that 2003 does not repeat itself). I'm sharing a suite with Regie Gibson, Frank X Walker and James Cagney (yes, this brother's namer is James Cagney).

I just got done completing a poem based on calypsonian Mighty Shadow's 1974 hit "bassman", and i've been trying to write that poem for a number of years so i'm a little bit in awe that i got a draft done that i like. i'll post tomorrow the two poems i've done here so far.

tonight the faculty reading featured Toi Derricotte, Cornelius Eady, Erica Hunt (who is my new baby-mama) and Walter Moseley, who has been hanging out here at the retreat and is funny as hell (we went to the mall today to get water and flip-flops). again, the week promises to be dynamic, inspirational and wonderful and i feel like i have even more to offer this time than the first time, if only in terms of quality of work.

speak with y'all later


Anonymous ed toney said...

congratulations Rog, I did not know you made it in the summer retreat! I don't have much in comment to offer other than, you probably do not fully realize the ways you inspire and motivate!I am one who is subject to your awesome powers. You are on my list of Talented Superheroes...I am so Blessed to have met you, work with you in CC, hang with you and know you more closer than from afar... Knock them literally unconscious as you so skillfully and creatively do! And keep us abreast of whats going down. I look forward to this experience one day!!!

5:16 AM  
Blogger Saffron G said...

Hey Roger-Boair Agard

Had to call you by your full name. You were awesome at Calabash. Boy you guys make me feel that my short story (That I thought was so good) is so needing work. Thanks for the inspiration.

Saffron G

9:15 AM  

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