Sunday, September 19, 2004

It's late september and already the wind outse my window sounds like december 28th; so i'm under my covers at 11am cuz i'm not ready for thlieve this shit. this week came and went like a cup of rich chili (what does that even mean?) and next week promises more whirlwind.

i'm involved now for the next 9 months in a story telling project which aims to develop a curriculum for anti-racism for grades K-12. it is ambitious, but we are made up of educators, artists and scholars and this promises to be rather interesting and rewarding. the funder, addressing us at the beginning of the first meeting, said that he didn't think that anti-racism could be taught necessarily, but that it came about as a result of positive experiences that this project could generate through really cutting-edge curriculum. Still, that is teaching to me; and i have to believe that since we were taught racism, then we can be taught something else to replace it. it's not easy. folks hold to some notions on race harder than they hold to their religious faith, but i think that as long as we can find dynamic ways to explore power and whiteness and be self-critical in our pesponses to racism, and as long as we can find that delicate point at which whites can speak with other whites critically and honestly about privilege and power and institutionalized racism, then we can actually develop something effective.

meanwhile, i've read in peekskill last night at an outdoor event, no less (there was a tent but i was still cold). i think that is the first time i had to wear three layers to read poetry; but it was a good time and the crowd was appreciative and warm.

winter is coming. i need to get to the gym, get something to eat and do a lot of work today. however, there is also football on, so i have no idea how all this is going to work. i have this ridiculous season-long bet with eric, so i must leave now to make my picks for the week; so i can whup his ass over the length of the season and get my free ticket to colorado...


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