Thursday, June 10, 2004

Friday June 11, 2004

These days i'm writing for a lot of different "projects". Vision Into Art, a show i hope to put up in July and other things that are deadline related. When that happens, it is easy to forget that you write stuff because you HAVE to write even when you're not required to write. When that happens, i try to get back to studying others even more assiduously. So i picked up Elizabeth Alexander's 'Antebellum Dream Book'. What she crafts from the memories of racism and those afflicted by it, is astonishing. She is on of those rare talents who is unabashedly intellectual, and is able to render it in such a way that what she conveys reaches your marrow, churns your stomach and evokes the visceral utterly. y'all should check her out. Reading her so soon after having read Rosal, it reinforces my appreciation for the way in which poetry allows different people to excel in ways that are so vastly different stylistically. The work and how one gets there retains, thereby, a magic, that you know you have some chance of tapping in to even if the light at the end of your own tunnel seems far far away.

i went to see Troy today. Good movie. i've seen some excessive (and nonsensical) hating in some reviews - and while Orlando Bloom definitely should not be allowed to speak in a movie again ever - the movie does justice to the vision of the battle scenes (though there were details of the story that i believe were changed for the middle-American movie palate). i'll be getting the dvd just so i can replay the battle scenes over and over again. you just can't get enough of a spear through a man's head some days.

...but now i go. i'm kinda excited about a new series of poems about home and characters from my teens. i hope to be able to have at least three of these ready for the show i'm going to put up at the end of july (in addition to all my calypso poems and other poems of home). i love the heat.


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