Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's been a while since i've been awake at 7:45AM on a Sunday, but i have rehearsal for VisionIntoArt today again (check out their website) so i'm bright-eyed and... well, whatever.

The church bells are the interesting thing about this time of morning on a Sunday, though. I don't think i've ever heard them before in my two years living in Williamsburg. Even as i try to plot my morning's schedule and beginning to get frantic about it, the bells are soothing, and i don't know if it's just because they're bells or because they bring to mind a routine that i once had (going to church). As a result i will see if i can sustain this feeling i have right now and go to church next week. I can't guarantee that i'll still want to next week, but that's my goal.

Church has become in my adult life, a more interesting place. Perhaps because i never go anymore, but when i do, it is wonderment; the stained glass, the robes, the incense - it's kinda like Ray Medina's parties (sorry Ray, i had to stick that in there). But really, there is a feeling in the ritual (and sometimes in the sermon) that there is a rejuvenation taking place if you understand church for what it is, and don't become fanatic about the religion; whatever religion it is, but yeah, maybe church followed by a hearty breakfast at Los Primos. They're both religious experiences really.

...So now i'm off to do my sit-ups and get on the horse (my red bike) and head to rehearsals...

...okay, alright, i'll shower as well.


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